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Shocking Earth (Szokujaca Ziemia) {12-Disc Edition} (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

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Shocking Earth (Szokujaca Ziemia) {12-Disc Edition} (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

Tanzania Surviving the drought (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

Original title: Surviving the Drought
Released: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Directed by Jean Barraud et Romain Quillon

The Ruaha National Park in the south of Tanzania used to be a true paradise for wildlife rich Gathered around the Ruaha river.

Today however, its sparkling waters are nothing more Than a remote dream.
A life-or-death quest for water has begun and the bewildered animals have no choice but to follow the dry riverbed upstream and hoping to find water.

Witness to this tragedy, and the pride of hungry and thirsty and Their lionesses cubs overlook the last pockets of water, and give no other choice but to the females that follow the Herds of herbivores In Their migration.

Will the lionesses and the other animals find water in time to save Themselves?

Norway Reindeer Life (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

Original title: Reindeer Police
Released: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Olivier Truc

In the Lapland region of northern Norway, the Sami people have been Raising Reindeer for many generations. In this vast land, over 200,000 are shared Reindeer Among a few hundred breeders, and tensions rise sometime Among breeders.

It solve These issues, and special police - the Reindeer Police - has been created. This is no ordinary police. Meet Steinar and Bjarte of the "P2 Brigade," Whom our filmmaker followed for an Entire Year On Their daily missions.

Himalayas The Road to new life (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

Original title: Himalaya, and the Path to the Sky
Released: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Marianne Chaud

Kenrap is eight years old. He is a Buddhist monk and lives in the monastery Phukthal on the peaks of the Himalayan mountains of Zanskar.

Kenrap chose His life away from His family: when he was five, he Remembered he was the reincarnation of a 68 year-old monk, and then decided it would return to the monastery Where he belonged.

Filmed from the point of view of a subjective camera to a young ethnologist, Path to the Sky FOLLOWS Attaching this little monk with Whom the share moments of intimacy, and gives us a rare glance at the Buddhist Monastic Life.

Amazonia The miracle of birth (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

Original title: Baby catchers of the Amazon
Released: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Directed by Stephanie Pommez

In Brazil, It Is Said That a pregnant woman has one foot in her grave. Young Mothers depend on traditional Midwives who accompany Them through the storm of giving birth thanks to Their ancestral knowledge Comma DESCRIBE They humbly as a "gift from god."

Baby Catchers Of The Amazon "is an intimate and moving portrait of Dona and Dona Ilda Dorca, who welcome life and death Confront in a place Where The very continuation of life Often relies on Their leathery hands.

Cameroon Jeglavak - Prince of insects (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

Original title: Jaglavak, Prince of insects
Released: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Jérôme Raynaud

In northern Cameroon, in the Mandaras Mountains, the Mofu live a unique relationship with insects, sharing with Them Their homes and cultivations. This year however, a terrible Draught hits the region and the termites, Usually a precious ally to the Mofu, have left the fields and invaded the huts and granaries.

To fight back, the Mofu people have no choice but to call for Jaglavak. Only this ferocious army ant That has the body of a dragon can chase the termites out of the village.

If Jaglavak answers to the call, the termites In Their mud Fortresses better beware.

Black Samurai / Ethiopia: Black Samurai (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

Title: The Black Samurai
Original title: Black Samurai
Released: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Directed by Jean Queyrat

In "Black Samurai", we're thrust into the lives of the Surma people, one of the fiercest tribes of Southwestern Ethiopia, Where war ravages the land.

Recently, Because of a terrible famine, the Surma land has been infiltrated by Hundreds of Their lifelong enemies, the Bumis.

The King of Surma, watch over the confines of His territory is Prevent attacks from the Bumis. He Decides to call for a Donga, a dual with long sticks, Which helps the clan fighting is a practice for the upcoming battles.

Kiwo crop will go through the violent trial. He will then exchange for a stick His kalachnikov, and return to the combat zone to fight the Bumis.

In the valley of the River Kibish, Ethiopia, near the Sudanese border, is inhabited by a warlike tribe Surma. We learn about the ancient legends of this people, let's examine its practices and uncover the secrets of the legendary fierce duel Dongo. "

Nigeria The Great Race (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

Original title: The Great Desert Turf
Released: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Directed by Marc Simonetti

In Niger, in the Sahel region, the dromedary races are extremely popular Among the nomadic communities. Djouri Bigué, chief of the Peul Woodabe village, participates in races all year round. This year, Djouri And The Villagers have decided it would be yearly Organize the grand final in Belil Tanfirgan.

For all Participants, this race is a Means to Access Better Living Conditions. For Djouri and his people, the prize will help finance the construction Them of the town school. Still today, the children listen to the teacher while sitting on the dirt ground ...

Siberia The Way of maturity (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

Original title: Becoming a Man in Siberia
Released: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Benoît Ségur

"Becoming a Man in Siberia" FOLLOWS the epic ordeals of young men who live in Different countries of the giant Siberia.

Each will face a grueling quest Initiation Difficult to make the passage to manhood. If They Fail, They Will Remain children forever.

In Siberia Edik has to face the wolves protect His Reindeer Herd During 4000 the spectacular migration to the Great North, and Whereas Altagan Dsolbo must travel across the desert of Mongolia to find the precious Green Pastures Feed Their Entire camel herd During the winter.

Two ordeals, Each for the same goal:

Becoming a Man!

The stars A Prehistoric Astronomy (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

Original title: Prehistoric Astronomers
Released: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Stéphane Bégoin & Vincent Tardieu

For the last 20 years, Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez, an independent Astronomer and ethnologist, has lead a rigorous INVESTIGATION To Prove a theory about the origins of astronomy.

It is commonly known That 35.000 years ago, Man was brutish and primitive and his main activities were copulation, hunting and gathering. But what if this Prehistoric Man were clever enough to Develop in depth scientific knowledge?

In this video, she shares her stunning Conclusions: Prehistoric caves Their men chose According to the orientation of the sun, created a dry measuring tools as a lunar calendar, and Their wall paintings were the first maps of the sky and stars.

Guarani, the people of the jungle / Ecuador People of tropical forests (2008) Blu-ray 720p AVC DTS 5.1 ELR

Name: Guarani, the people of the jungle
Original title: Guarani, the people of the selva
Released: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Directed by Marc Simonnet

Penty and his family are members of the Guarani tribe from the community of Bameno in the heart of the Amazon forest. They live in the selva, in a Region That Has Been Preserved from Modern Influence for many Centuries Today however, as modern civilization is Penetrating the forest to exploit its wealth, Guaraní culture is fading. For the past Decades, large industrial groups have threatening the flora and fauna. This film paints the intimate portrait of a people Struggling To Keep Their culture alive. They are one the last traditional tribes of South America, with only 87 members left.

We will visit Ecuador, where dwells one of the last, now a small number of South American tribes. Peace-loving people, as before, live in harmony with nature and trying to save their land from the onset of civilization.

Created in 1996, ZED is today one of the Leading French independent Producers of high-profile documentaries, specialized in High Definition. ZED produces for major French, European and American Broadcasters and most of its programs are bis through international co productions. Its award-winning documentaries (Amazonas Film Festival, Jackson Hole, Banff, FIPA, Shanghai TV Festival, Graz, Autrans, etc.) Have universal appeal and are shown around the world on major terrestrial and satellite channels. ZED was nominated by the French independent producer's association (Procirep) as one of the 10 best French TV Producers in 2004, 2005 and 2007.

Issued: France
Duration: 800min.

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