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The Secret KGB Psychic Files (2001)

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The Secret KGB Psychic Files (2001) also: The Secret KGB Paranormal Files (2001) IMDb: This program investigates the probes and projects sponsored by the KGB to look into paranormal matters. Viewers will learn much about the KGB's view of American history and the effects certain events had on it. Includes never seen before footage. Narrated by Roger Moore ("James Bond"), the documentary is a veritable smorgasbord of paranormal and related claims from the Soviet Union. It covers Wolf Messing, remote viewing, telekinesis, UFO crashes, Kirlian photography, mental programming and KGB research into Qigong. The perspective is that of "true believers", and the researchers featured make some pretty outlandish claims. I would therefore advise anyone interested in the paranormal to check and double-check every statement of supposed fact made by Moore & Co. Personally, I found the "standard" parapsychology claims pretty believable, while some other claims are probably bogus or even comic. Reagan is supposed to have monitored Gaddafi's movements by paranormal means during the US bombings of Libya - well, if so, his remote viewers failed, since Gaddafi (of course) survived! I don't doubt that the military and intelligence communities in both the United States, the Soviet Union and China conducted research on the paranormal during the Cold War. Of course they did. Parapsychology was on the verge of becoming a respectable science in the decades following World War II. Besides, I suppose it's the job of the secret services to poke their noses into everything, including "things that go bump in the night". Black-ops, anyone? Four paranormal topics are explored. Psychics - Mind altering machines, microwave signals, telepathic predictions, mind control, just some of the things that the KGB experimented in an attempt to get the upper edge on the rest of the world. These topics discussed briefly. Tunguska - What happened in the Siberian forest in 1908, was it a comet, meteor, or spaceship that exploded over the forest that was 2000 times stronger than the bomb dropped in Hiroshima. Also shown in brief is a crashed UFO recorded by the KGB in 1968 of a crashed saucer, this was very interesting. Ghosts - Some extremely amazing footage of ghosts caught on camera by the KGB. Are they real, make up your own mind. Remote viewing - also discussed in brief. tags: paranormal, psychic, mind control, microwaves, telepathy, KGB, Cold War, Kirlian, telekinesis
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