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Ron Paul: America's Most Dangerous Nazi (2012)

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This is a pretty funny piece of propaganda, so I figured it might be worth sharing here. It's written by A.J. Weberman, a Zionist who is best known for picking Bob Dylan's trash. In the book he criticizes Ron Paul for being against the patriot act and other invasions of privacy, his supposed belief in conspiracy theories, and supposed links to the AFP.

I've only skimmed it, but it's definitely quite entertaining, Weberman claims that Willis Carto of the American Free Press plans to "create a situation where millions of Jews are murdered." Eustace Mullins is also mentioned briefly.

Official Description:


Ron Paul is no libertarian; he is a crypto-Nazi. Crypto-Nazism is a term implying a secret support for, or admiration of, the genocidal political and economic system invented by Adolf Hitler. The term is used to imply that an individual or group keeps this support or admiration hidden in order to avoid political prosecution or, in Ron Paul's case, political suicide. Crypto-Nazis maintain covers such as "libertarian" and "populist" to disguise a hidden agenda. They use code words e.g. "Goldman-Sachs" means Jews. This book rips the cloak of deception off of Ron Paul and exposes his true pathological genocidal self, a Nazi without a swastika.

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