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RESEED - Magister Templi's Mythology Library - Part 1

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This is part 1 of an 'almost' complete re-up of HHIX's enormous torrent. I spotted that some still wanted to get it and the original torrent ( seem generates an error (PHP memory issues). Having posted a question to the forum, yeti informs me that the torrent size is too big for the current software.

I say this is 'almost' complete because once I retrieved the files and originally took the torrent off line, I deleted some of the non-English files. Specifically the files by Charles-Francois Dupuis were deleted (I don't speak French so no point in keeping them). Some others may have gone but I am not going to check each individual file against the original list.

Checking the directory I have saved, there are 1627 files and 60 folders all occupying 26.6GB so if you want to see whats missing I leave it to you to check against the original list at:

If you wish to download the missing files, I believe they can be found here...

As a side note, my max upload is about 70 - 80kbs so anyone taking these is in for a wait before they will complete. I'll keep my laptop online as much as possible but please bear with me.

enjoy :wave:

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