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Original Intent - The American Constitution

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the following is a copy/pasted movie review:

Everyone should watch ORIGINAL INTENT. It is a very clear, compelling, look at the Cultural Marxist attack on the original intent of the Founders of this great republic. It exposes the historical march of Cultural Marxism. It reveals the evils of communism and national socialism. It clarifies the original intent of the Constitution. It helps people to understand clearly the destruction of the money supply and how that affects the economy. And, it provides the keys to freeing the country from enslavement to control by the nationalist and internationalist socialist cabal.

ORIGINAL INTENT is not perfect. It was done on a low budget. So, some of the accents of the actors portraying historical figures are weak. Also, some of the special effects are flimsy.

In spite of its flaws, which are few, this documentary is constantly captivating and often reveals significant facts and truths that few people understand. We do not agree with 100% of it, but we agree with the vast majority of the points made. And, that is a very rare commendation.

Please watch ORIGINAL INTENT and show it to your children and grandchildren.