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Nibs in hospital for testicular detachment!

Nibs is currently in hospital recovering from an operation to reattach his testicles.

They apparently became detached after a marathon coding session lasting several weeks. A source who occasionally had limited interaction with the reclusive hobo said that lately he'd been "workin' even harder than he usually do, if y'all can blee dat shit!".

The prevailing feeling around the hobo encampment appears to be relief that they may be able to enjoy some time free of the hundreds of vicious homicidal incontinent diarrheic cats that harass Nibs wherever he crawls. They are currently swarming around the hospital where Nibs is in recovery, shaking people down for kibble and despoiling the landscaping.

Please be patient while Nibs recovers. Maybe upload a torrent if, in his absence, you don't want the site to turn into even more of a shit show than it already is.

UPDATE: There has been a change of plans. Because of the sudden detachment of Nib's testicles, his voice now sounds like Tom Waits on helium. The doctors disagree, claiming he sounds like Shirley Temple with a 5 pack-a-day Marlboro Unfiltered habit. Either way, Nibs has accepted a huge recording contract for a Christmas album! No more ConCen for Nibs! Wish him well on his new career, and may the gods have mercy on us all.


but.. muh fibre! been down due to a break under the road for nearly 3 effen weeks. been tethering this last three weeks. thank fook it's unlimited 4g tethering or i'd have gone nuts!

Strange I would have imagined the 'Amputated like a Ken doll' version of Nibs would hit an octave and pitch more like Betty White gargling eggnog, which may have been more festive but no more entertaining.

As for the feline issue. Shall we mail you catnip to fend them off instead of trickling in donations?