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Netherlands Pedophile Ring

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Largely unknown outside of the Netherlands and having his crimes well covered up by the Dutch authorities and the royal family, is the homosexual Joris Demmink, born December 11, 1947, the most powerful man of the Netherlands until he retired as highest official of the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice on November 1, 2012. During Demmink's farewell party, Micha Kat and six other journalists were arrested in order to prevent them from interviewing Demmink.

Demmink finds himself in the center of a pedophile scandal that is far more powerful, evil and far reaching than even the majority of the Dutch know. On the Dutch website (""), an audio fragment says in Dutch language: "During conversations with (Dutch magazines) Panorama and Gay Krant behind closed doors last week, he (Demmink) admitted he had sex with young gay boys, and that he hadn't always asked about their age".

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Remember to pray for the victims and that the abusers will turn away from their wrong.