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MONEY - David Astle - The Babylonian Woe and Two Essays

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Two PDFs of the two books already present on internet, these have pictures of the paper pages so you can look for any mistakes in the existing copies at for example

Now, who in England obtains the benefit of the interest charged on sterling which is borrowed into existence by the Government? Is there a clue in the following from Two Essays?


In the latter stages of this Act, despite the corruption of a Parliament practically in the hands of the goldsmiths, led by Sir Josiah Childs, there was considerable opposition, thanks to the Earl of Anglesea, but a people who not long before would never have dreamed of passing such a dangerous Act into law, did so, and Charles, smiling enigmatically to himself, gave his Royal consent. Immediately the extensive silver coinage of Britain began to pour out: to Holland where the Ratio of gold to silver was 12.50, as against a Ratio of 13.35 in England; but above all to India where in Madras the Ratio was 9 to 1, while in some parts of India it was as profitable as 6 to 1.
The International Money Power had obtained the right to drain off the money of the people of England...

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