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Illuminati Rio Olympics Announcing New Word Order Antichrist (2016)

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Illuminati Rio Olympics Announcing New Word Order Antichrist (2016) Each new Olympic Games represent a new step towards the New Word Order. The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio contains several clear references to both the New Word Order and to the Antichrist. The Olympic Games, as a world popular event, are used as a general repetition to prepare the populations for the New World Order. It promotes a world with no religions, no races, but composed of clones with no identity. Oneness is promoted under the pretext of Humanism but in reality, they are shaping the new human being of the New Word Order, a human being without roots, without identity, without guidance, without goal, only a soulless slave of the New Word Order. This video (The 2016 Illuminati Rio Olympics announces the New Word Order and the Antichrist (720p).mp4) hasn't been made by me, but you simply have to watch this. You may remember the Illuminati ritual of the London 2012 games. You may know that the five olympic rings represent the five Masonic spheres of influence. You may also compare the Olympic flame to the flame being carried by the Statue of Liberty in New York (Queen Semiramis). It's the Luciferian fire of illumination = illuminati. Prometheus, stealing fire from heaven. I'm pretty fed up with this illuminati crap, but some sheeple still don't get it, so I will go on rubbing it in. Either you stand in your own light, or else you'll have to stand in their light. Either you're the master over your own mind, or else they are. It's all about mind control and deception. If you don't do your homework, then they will do it for you - at your cost. rio pics 01 Rio 2016.jpg 02 Rio 2016.jpg 03 Rio 2016.jpg 04 Rio 2016.jpg 05 Rio 2016.jpg 06 Rio 2016.jpg 07 Rio 2016.jpg 08 Rio 2016.jpg 09 Rio 2016.jpg 10 Rio 2016.jpg 11 Rio 2016.jpg 12 Rio 2016.jpg 13 Rio 2016.jpg text Goldman Sachs.pdf IOC Marketing Media Guide Rio 2016.pdf Joaquim Levy Presentation Rio Olympics 2016.pdf Rio 2016.pdf videos Opening ceremony Olympic Games Rio 2016 ILLUMINATI EXPOSED (Satanic Agenda) (720p).mp4 Rio Olympic 2016 Opening ceremony WoW must see! (720p).mp4 Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony Compare To London Olympic-Illuminati- Short Video (720p).mp4 RIO OLYMPICS 2016 OPENING CEREMONY ILLUMINATI EXPOSED! (720p).mp4 The 2016 Illuminati Rio Olympics announces the New Word Order and the Antichrist (720p).mp4 The Biggest Illuminati Ritual Has Just Kicked Off! Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony 2016! (720p).mp4 This is the Real Rio that NBC and the Olympics are Trying to Hide (720p).mp4 Torrent downloaded from Torrent downloaded from tags: Rio, Brazil, Illuminati, NWO, new world order, antichrist, ritual, occult, symbology
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