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Happy Birthday ConCen!

Started 31 March 2003 by Mike Smith on an Athlon 750MHz computer, now 14 years old and still going strong...


I wish you all the best!


14 years? Wow, I feel old.

A Birthday - Poem by Aleister Crowley

"Aug." 10, 1911.

Full moon to-night; and six and twenty years
Since my full moon first broke from angel spheres!
A year of infinite love unwearying ---
No circling seasons, but perennial spring!
A year of triumph trampling through defeat,
The first made holy and the last made sweet
By this same love; a year of wealth and woe,
Joy, poverty, health, sickness --- all one glow
In the pure light that filled our firmament
Of supreme silence and unbarred extent,
Wherein one sacrament was ours, one Lord,
One resurrection, one recurrent chord,
One incarnation, one descending dove,
All these being one, and that one being Love!

You sent your spirit into tunes; my soul
Yearned in a thousand melodies to enscroll
Its happiness: I left no flower unplucked
That might have graced your garland. I induct
Tragedy, comedy, farce, fable, song,
Each longing a little, each a little long,
But each aspiring only to express
Your excellence and my unworthiness ---
Nay! but my worthiness, since I was sense
And spirit too of that same excellence.

So thus we solved the earth's revolving riddle:
I could write verse, and you could play the fiddle,
While, as for love, the sun went through the signs,
And not a star but told him how love twines
A wreath for every decanate, degree,
Minute and second, linked eternally
In chains of flowers that never fading are,
Each one as sempiternal as a star.

Let me go back to your last birthday. Then
I was already your one man of men
Appointed to complete you, and fulfil
From everlasting the eternal will.
We lay within the flood of crimson light
In my own balcony that August night,
And conjuring the aright and the averse
Created yet another universe.

We worked together; dance and rite and spell
Arousing heaven and constraining hell.
We lived together; every hour of rest
Was honied from your tiger-lily breast.
We --- oh what lingering doubt or fear betrayed
My life to fate! --- we parted. Was I afraid?
I was afraid, afraid to live my love,
Afraid you played the serpent, I the dove,
Afraid of what I know not. I am glad
Of all the shame and wretchedness I had,
Since those six weeks have taught me not to doubt you,
And also that I cannot live without you.

Then I came back to you; black treasons rear
Their heads, blind hates, deaf agonies of fear,
Cruelty, cowardice, falsehood, broken pledges,
The temple soiled with senseless sacrileges,
Sickness and poverty, a thousand evils,
Concerted malice of a million devils; ---
You never swerved; your high-pooped galleon
Went marvellously, majestically on
Full-sailed, while every other braver bark
Drove on the rocks, or foundered in the dark.

Then Easter, and the days of all delight!
God's sun lit noontide and his moon midnight,
While above all, true centre of our world,
True source of light, our great love passion-pearled
Gave all its life and splendour to the sea
Above whose tides stood our stability.

Then sudden and fierce, no monitory moan,
Smote the mad mischief of the great cyclone.
How far below us all its fury rolled!
How vainly sulphur tries to tarnish gold!
We lived together: all its malice meant
Nothing but freedom of a continent!

It was the forest and the river that knew
The fact that one and one do not make two.
We worked, we walked, we slept, we were at ease,
We cried, we quarrelled; all the rocks and trees
For twenty miles could tell how lovers played,
And we could count a kiss for every glade.
Worry, starvation, illness and distress?
Each moment was a mine of happiness.

Then we grew tired of being country mice,
Came up to Paris, lived our sacrifice
There, giving holy berries to the moon,
July's thanksgiving for the joys of June.

And you are gone away --- and how shall I
Make August sing the raptures of July?
And you are gone away --- what evil star
Makes you so competent and popular?
How have I raised this harpy-hag of Hell's
Malice --- that you are wanted somewhere else?
I wish you were like me a man forbid,
Banned, outcast, nice society well rid
Of the pair of us --- then who would interfere
With us? --- my darling, you would now be here!

But no! we must fight on, win through, succeed,
Earn the grudged praise that never comes to meed,
Lash dogs to kennel, trample snakes, put bit
In the mule-mouths that have such need of it,
Until the world there's so much to forgive in
Becomes a little possible to live in.

God alone knows if battle or surrender
Be the true courage; either has its splendour.
But since we chose the first, God aid the right,
And damn me if I fail you in the fight!
God join again the ways that lie apart,
And bless the love of loyal heart to heart!
God keep us every hour in every thought,
And bring the vessel of our love to port!

These are my birthday wishes. Dawn's at hand,
And you're an exile in a lonely land.
But what were magic if it could not give
My thought enough vitality to live?
Do not then dream this night has been a loss!
All night I have hung, a god, upon the cross;
All night I have offered incense at the shrine;
All night you have been unutterably mine,
Miner in the memory of the first wild hour
When my rough grasp tore the unwilling flower
From your closed garden, mine in every mood,
In every tense, in every attitude,
In every possibility, still mine
While the sun's pomp and pageant, sign to sign,
Stately proceeded, mine not only so
In the glamour of memory and austral glow
Of ardour, but by image of my brow
Stronger than sense, you are even here and now
Miner, utterly mine, my sister and my wife,
Mother of my children, mistress of my life!

O wild swan winging through the morning mist!
The thousand thousand kisses that we kissed,
The infinite device our love devised
If by some chance its truth might be surprised,
Are these all past? Are these to come? Believe me,
There is no parting; they can never leave me.
I have built you up into my heart and brain
So fast that we can never part again.
Why should I sing you these fantastic psalms
When all the time I have you in my arms?
Why? 'tis the murmur of our love that swells
Earth's dithyrambs and ocean's oracles.

But this is dawn; my soul shall make its nest
Where your sighs swing from rapture into rest
Love's thurible, your tiger-lily breast.

Aleister Crowley

I've been a member now for a number of years and absolutely love your site but I've been having trouble logging in for over a year now. As it's set up, I don't have to log in to grab the occasional torrent but I do like to check things out sometimes.

I've reset my password multiple times only to receive the dreaded "red" outline on my username when I try to log in afterwards... Again, this has happened at least 4 times now. Many cheers and continued success!

What happens when you clear the browser cache? Does it happen in different browsers? Are you letting your browser remember your password?

Strange as it is, this last time, it apparently worked because I'm still logged in!?? I'm not sure what happened but every other time I've tried the changing my password link, I always let my browser remember passwords btw, I could only visit, today, again for whatever reason, I'm still logged in! Problem solved I guess?? Thanks for the quick reply!

How do I get my user name...where do I find it?

Barbara Ann wrote:

How do I get my user name...where do I find it?

Your user name is attached to every post that you write. You can access your account by using the "User Menu" on the left.

Happy Birthday concen, so glad you are still here, diverse intellectuals who mostly can respectfully disagree and all agree that information and knowledge are vital. Love this place, the content I obtained from here totals in over a tb, a lot of what I have is no longer available so when things quiet down a little at home (2 year old and a 1 year old, crazy I was 18 living w my parents now i'm 28 w a house, wife, kids, job - and I still think demo charges took down wtc 1,2, and 7). My world view when I got here was shaken at its very core, I was(am?) a know-it-all and this place with its amazing selection of great content from every viewpoint imaginable really helped open my eyes to the world around me. I can confidently say that I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for this site and the people who distribute\produced(some excellent stuff over the years by connceners) the torrents here I would never have become the man I am today. Thank you to everyone here, I appreciate the work you put into this site and hope that you are able to keep bringing the number of available torrents up and look forward to contributing more both with torrents and financially (have donated in past its a great cause!) to this amazing site. <3 concen <3

Comments like yours are the fuel that keeps this place going!

Y agree with you. Y wouldn't be me either without this site being here long ago.

the baby cheebus would be very happy and smile upon you in celebration of this majestic occasion!
the grown up one still think you are all tards though.. the fucking grumpy shit!!

Best wishes! nice site
bootstrap shoestring budgets I understand; and I admire what you have done here.
I had several MSI K7N2 's and an Asus with the Athalon. It was a good processor and they served well as servers until Govt Spooks got at all 4 corrupting bios and processors.
AC was one evil dude!
L Ron Hubbard (Dianetics) ... AC was his mentor and there is a utube video where he discusses AC considering himself the Beast 666 - it makes one contemplative.

And as a bit of trivia, Jimmy Page of Zeppelin purchased his mansion (Boleskine) on Loch Ness which has a tool shed out back where AC did all manner of evil things. There is also a burned down church on the property which predates Boleskine. It is said all the worshipers were locked in the church then it was set afire; burning all to death.
Supposedly this was the inspiration for "Stairway to Heaven" (also listen to "Taurus" by the 60's American band - Spirit)

Ed M House wrote:

Best wishes! nice site

Thanks. I've been working it hard lately.

Y remember my fear, years ago, when y was seeing that the site was down. Y will never forgot that fear. Thank you to be back. Whatever you do, do not stop. You make me proud to be a human.