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Good News Everyone!

While the rest of you have no doubt been goofing off the last couple of days, I have been guzzling hobo piss developing a new way of filling ConCen up with even more irrelevant junk content that nobody wants - using automatic uploads!

That's right kids, daily uploads of Pax's favorite newscaster - Tucker Carlson. Pax likes him more than Marmite (if that's even possible), so I had to make sure he gets his daily dose even when I'm too poorly to serve it to him. What better way than automatically?

You'll also get a daily dose of CBC's The National, Canada's version of the Illuminati news, every day, without me having to lift a finger! Long after we die, the sun burns out and Earth flies off into dimensions unknown, ConCen will still be getting its fun-size portions of pure dreck every weekday. Pretty much none of you are downloading any of it, but that's OK, I don't pour my fucking heart and soul into this operation for your appreciation, believe me!

How did I do it? With great difficulty, as it turns out. The bastards @ Fox, CBC, and elsewhere have been using lots of tricks to make it hard to just search for and download from a link. Dynamic pages, obfuscated custom URLs, session cookies, encrypted streams, and other nonsense need to be overcome just to get the resource. On the ConCen end, lots of hoops have to be jumped through to prevent any of my numerous anti-spam tools from blocking unattended uploads. But it works now - and if it breaks, only minor tweaks need be made (I hope). Amazing what one can accomplish with a WiFi enabled Etch A Sketch despite constantly fending off prides of feral homicidal incontinent felines!

It may even be possible to add other resources if it annoys enough people. Suggestions welcome!


Thanks for the efforts bringin the new tech ..luv the diversity with contemporary and meaty media/'news' at concen.. keep being so bloody annoying..ok :)

You are hilarious & jovial. Keep up the great work 👍

for automation ... I guess... progress is good they say....... now i wonder :P

Your efforts are much appreciated.