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GMO Trilogy DVD Set, ebook & Audio CD (High Quality Version)

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Are you eating genetically modified foods? Some of the foods that may contain GMOs include infant formula, salad dressing, cereal and bread, mayonnaise, crackers, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, tofu, tamari, sugar and peanut butter. Protect yourself. Protect your family. Learn the truth. Get involved. (2 DVDs & 1 CD)

This three-disc set includes: Unnatural Selection (DVD), an award-winning film documenting the impact of GM crops and animals; Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals, a DVD on the dangers of genetically engineered foods for kids; and You're Eating WHAT?, a one-hour lecture on audio CD describing the health dangers of genetically engineered foods and how industry manipulation and political collusion allow them into diet. --Produced by Jeffrey M. Smith

The GMO Trilogy, a three-disc set that explains why GMOs (genetically modified organisms) threaten your health, the environment, and future generations.