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The End! Nibs has gone to a better place ...

Thanks to the generosity of several donors, including a very special one who you can figure out by looking at the donor list, I can announce that Nibs' new resting place is quite comfortable (and frilly). The incontinent homicidal cat herd and Nibs' beloved Etch A Sketch are once again safe from the evil home dwellers. For this I give an extra special thanks for being there when the chips were down. You donors make this place possible and Nibs' life worthwhile. I salute you!!


that very classy, desirable, chique and aromatic hobo pissed soaked box?
that must be held sacred in storage for future generations...
like a tradition, a charter or something :P

Glad you could spring for a more water/piss proof tabby enclosure (frilly) now you're a little more flush,
maybe you could even smart mod Nibs' cot and up the Etch A Sketch to an interactive smartboard.
Although sometimes old school is warranted and we know that some of Nibs' best work has been done on the offline EAS :0)

... to a not so English savvy dummy what all that means ?

If he dead or just retired from concen ?

his landlord evicted all the tenants from the building he was in. he had to find accomodation as soon a possible and some folks chipped in to help.
he's now moved to a place for the moment and is looking for somewhere more permanent.
he is still here and still stinks of hobo urine