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Ebola Hoax Revealed (2014) video pack

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Ebola Hoax Revealed (2014) video pack

There are different types of bio-war false flags:

Type one: The CIA brings some real weaponized Ebola viruses to Africa to create a pandemic there, some time later they'll spread the virus in America, claiming it came from Africa. This then serves as a pretext for martial law in America and setting up a tyranny, the goal of the elite. Remember the Anthrax false flag back in 2001?

Type two: You just sell an idea. You put the idea in people's minds that there is an Ebola pandemic, although there's no pandemic at all, it's pure fiction making the sheeple ask for a strong government that will protect them. This virtual false flag scenario serves the same purpose: Declare martial law and create a tyranny. It's a "Wag the Dog" scenario.

Type two is more likely here, since the criminal elite don't want to endanger their own lives. Real viruses may be used by the elite under the condition that they have been immunised first by a vaccine not available to the general public. As a rule they will only release a bio-weapon, if they have an antidote against it.

The wizards of OZ, the Masonic masters of deception have done it again. It's all about managing your own imagination. If you don't control it, then they will.

Actually there is a pandemic, a mind control pandemic, a meme spreading from mind to mind, infecting millions of minds eventually resulting in a collective psychosis, a designer psychosis.

Now go and take your ZMap - Zombie-Map medication, turning you into a zombie for sure.


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