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++++ Donations, Please? ++++


Please? Pretty please?

To help separate you from your cash, you may choose one (or more!) of the reasons below for why I'm on my chafed and bloody knees, begging you to have mercy on the wretched, destitute entity known as ConCen:

If you donate to ConCen, I swear on everything sacred that I will not beg for any more money until next time.

Thanks in advance, you awesome hunka hunka burnin ConCen love!!


Just in case people don't see it yet:

I was able to donate 50us this time.


Thanks for pointing out I failed to include the link.

What I do have is some time, not sure how I can donate that though.

How about a Concen PeerTube instance?

How much Python coding skillz have you got?

I've only just started python but it seems easy enough.