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DEFCON: The Documentary

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from Kat

i laughed at the positive comments regarding having the head of NSA at the last 'party' (obviously made b4 Snowden). NSA are law breakers and hence criminals. So i would not be too happy in having the head of a criminal body (NSA) present. In fact, i think Defcon should now ban the NSA from attending, if they want to uphold a good image.

DEFCON: The Documentary

Technology Documentary hosted by Jason Scott, published by DEF CON Communications in 2013 - English narration


DEFCON is the world's largest hacking conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2012 it was held for the 20th time. The conference has strict no-filming policies, but for DEFCON 20, a documentary crew was allowed full access to the event. The film follows the four days of the conference, the events and people (attendees and staff), and covers history and philosophy behind DEFCON's success and unique experience. Written by Jason Scott


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* Video Codec: x264 CABAC High@L4.0
* Video Bitrate: 2144 Kbps (CRF 22)
* Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9
* Video Resolution: 1280x720
* Framerate: 29.970 fps (Constant Frame Rate)
* Audio Codec: AAC-LC (Nero)
* Audio Quality: 0.46 48KHz (~140Kbps)
* Audio Channels: 2
* Run-Time: 1h 50mn
* Number of Parts: 1
* Part Size: 1.77 GiB
* Container: MP4
* Released: 2013
* Source: WebDL (FromThanks to Jason Scott)
* Encoder: KarMa


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