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Dear Wolfgang - Revisiting Sandy Hook 720p (2017)

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Dear Wolfgang - Revisiting Sandy Hook MKV - roflcopter2110.mkv - 1h 18min 1280 x 720

About the filmmaker: I wear many hats. I am an author, lecturer, interviewer, musician, I work a full-time “blue collar” job…but the hat I am wearing when I made this film was that of a documentarian. My goal was to simply document and capture the story of Wolfgang’s plight for justice. Nothing more, nothing less. No monies will be made from this film. Because this film is for educational purposes only, “Fair Use” laws should be most applicable since Wolfgang Halbig’s legal cases are public knowledge, he himself is a public educator on school shootings, and his story has been reported on by the likes of BBC and New York Magazine, amongst many other major news outlets. If this film is removed or flagged, you can be sure it was done for no other reason than pure unadulterated censorship.

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