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ConCen moved to a faster server

Congratulations! You're currently on the new server ( with IP address

The old server ( with IP address will be up until 2019.10.01

If this is your default server when you go to your nameservers have been updated to the new IP address, so you are OK!

If it is 2019.09.30 or later, and you can only get here by using then your nameservers are misconfigured (it should take at most 24 hours to update all nameservers) so you should change them to functioning ones. It is also possible that you have an entry for in your hosts file which would need to point to the new IP of

Please leave a comment if you notice any speed improvements or bugs.


What more is there to say? Heh!
PS Except thanks to those who make this site (and others like it ... ... not that there ARE that many...) possible. : ) -EB