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ConCen is BACK! Did you miss it?


It took far longer than planned to clear up the mess you made. Apparently the striking server hamsters were given guns and lots of ammo by persons unknown. The hamsters managed to slaughter a huge wave of starving homicidal incontinent cats. The hamsters are even more entrenched in the ConCen server than they were before the strike. I have decided to let the militant little bastards have their way - for now.

Things will be a little shaky for the next few days/weeks/months/years/decades/centuries/millennia, until a few kinks are worked out. By then we'll all be long dead anyway. This will be your fault.


Sounds like a lot of hard work! thank you for your efforts on our culpable behalves!

I compulsively hit refresh every few hours until you returned.

Can you set up a monthly payment option? I will pledge $5 right now.

I appreciated the shadow message during the Great Outage of 2021, however allegorical this all is. If the evil little rodents have guns and are deeply entrenched, a strategic withdrawal might work, let them think they've won until they become complacent.