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CH4 Unreported World - Tripoli Burning (2014)

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In August a coalition of armed groups known as Libya Dawn stormed Libya's capital, Tripoli and proclaimed a new government. Now rival groups aligned with the recognised government are counter attacking. The city's so dangerous most foreigners have left, but reporter Seyi Rhodes and director Laura Warner shelter in the main fire station, and by filming the firemen gain a vivid snapshot of life in a disintegrating country. The fire brigade is one of the few institutions that still operates in the country, and Rhodes and Warner join the night shift at Tripoli's main station. Most wealthy Libyans left long ago and now even the migrant workers are leaving. Many of the younger firemen joined the service after the revolution.


libya is a shitstorm right now… no doubt…warring parties plus pirates galore… democracy at work in the middle east
those people aren't ready for a republic yet…

"Meritocratic anarchy self organized"