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The Antichrist_Is He the Pope or the Papacy - A Collection

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The Antichrist, Is He the Pope or the Papacy? - A Collection:

It has been an obsession of the Christian world to try to identify and name the Antichrist who is supposed to fulfill Biblical prophecies concerning an adversary of Jesus while resembling him in a deceptive manner. Throughout the ages, many candidates were suggested for this infamous person. Interestingly, the Pope and the Papacy were favorite nominees with the latter getting most of the votes.

The Pope and Papacy may not be the Antichrist of the End Time. But their apostasy and that they practice and promote a version of Christianity that contradicts the teachings of Jesus would certainly qualify them to be antichrists.

This UL contains the following 16 titles:

1- Wikipedia - Antichrist (2010).

2- Who is the Antichrist (

3- Who is the Antichrist (

4- Forefathers Reveal the Antichrist (

5- Antichrist, the Counterfeit Heavens (

6- Hendrie - Antichrist Conspiracy: Inside the Devils Lair (2005).

7- Guillen - The Antichrist in the Vatican (2003).

8- Sjodahl - The Reign of Antichrist (1913).

9- Nietzsche - The Antichrist (1895).

10- Wylie - Papacy Is The Antichrist: A Demonstration (1888).

11- Shaw - The Roman Conflict (1878).

12- Smith - The Image of the Beast (1862).

13- Fleming - The Rise and Fall of the Papacy (1849).

14- Cassels - Christ and Antichrist (1846).

15- The Trial of the Pope of Rome: The Antichrist or Man of Sin (1844).

16- Fuller - Naming the Antichrist: A History of an American Obsession (1995).