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Open Minds S02 [large filesize]

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On January 10 2019, (in Disclosure S04 [large filesize]), I wrote:
"Why are you putting new stuff on here when people are still waiting for you on stuff you put on here more than a month ago?
"The stuff you put on is good, and you are welcome, but why not finish all the stuff you have started, before putting new stuff on?
"My suggestion is that the most you should keep people hanging on waiting is 5 days, but preferably just one day. Regards"
You replied that same day:
"OK I'll ensure that stuff I've put up completes before uploading new stuff."
But you do not. For example, 2 months and one week ago, you put on all the Open Minds series. Everyone was made to wait at least a month before the first people could complete, and some people more than 2 months. You have put on new stuff since. I am trying to download Open Minds S02 [large filesize], and for the last week, it has said nearly all the time that there are 5, 6 or 7 seeds, about 16 peers, and 7 completed. How come I have just 0.2%?

You are putting on good stuff, but I do not understand.
Why do you keep people waiting for months trying to download?

It's a combination of my slow upload speed and persons not seeding once they completely download. I do try to be fair and ensure that stuff I have uploaded previously has completed for some (so that they can contribute to the seeding) before uploading new stuff. Unfortunately, if persons choose not to seed once they complete downloading, there is little I can do about this except continue to seed at a slow speed.

I can accept that you have a slow upload speed and that some persons do not seed once they have completed downloading. But that does not seem to explain the problem. Looking at all the stuff you have uploaded over the past months, the problem is always essentially the same: you put a lot of folders on at one time; and then no-one is able to complete for a month. So you have lots of people trying to download, and then giving up. I don't know much about the technicalities - why not ask Nibs what to do - but it seems to me that if you put a folder on, and you have 100% and you stay connected, people will gradually get more and after a few days will have completed their download. I don't see why no-one has completed the download - from you only - for a month. And I think there are always some people who seed after they download. I seed forever after I have downloaded; I am seeding 127 active downloads at this moment. I mentioned Open Minds S02 [large filesize], and said: "for the last week, it has said nearly all the time that there are 5, 6 or 7 seeds, about 16 peers, and 7 completed. How come I have just 0.2%?" The figures now are 6 Seeds, 16 Peers, and 7 Completed. And I still have just 0.2%. How can it say 6 Seeds when it is obvious that there is no seed?

On concen the number of seeds shown has to do with the trackers in a torrent file. Concen is a torrent index site and trackers are sites that coordinate uploading and downloading among the peers. In my case I have a long list of trackers in the torrents file. Others may not list as many trackers in their torrents which on concen would show as less seeds (since the number of seeds shown on concen has to do with how many trackers in the torrent are working). I don't know if every torrent index site does this; if I had only used the concen tracker it would likely only say there is one seed and maybe be less confusing. I can say with certainty that I am the only peer seeding the whole content of Open Minds S02 [large filesize] based on my upload speed corresponding to the speed which the swarm of peers is progressing in the download.

To effectively share the data of a torrent, a torrent client manages things like with peers to upload to in any given moment. It takes into account things like spreading transfers among multiple peers for redundancy as well as balancing this with choosing a small enough number of peers to connect to that does not use a significant amount of bandwidth just for managing connections. At the moment for this torrent, I am uploading to 3 peers and concen lists 22 peers. These 3 peers are at 75% and from your messages, you are probably not one of them. How data propagates through a swarm depends on each of the peers. Peers will variously have settings to share as much as they download, or disconnect upon completion, or may have fast or slow connections themselves, or may throttle or not, etc. there are many possibilities. Often, peers share the pieces they have while not having completed the download; this is an advantage of torrents in sharing data. One thing that is true is that once peers have 100% downloaded, then they can share to the extent that I can. So you may see your download start going when others complete or you may have to wait if others disconnect immediately upon completion.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the explanation. It may all be perfectly true. I don't understand trackers and the like. But I've been on ConCen since 2006. And what I see is someone uploads something, people start to download it, and gradually each person gets more of it, until he has completed it. That usually takes minutes or hours, sometimes seconds or days. But you upload something -usually lots of things at once - and nothing happens. No-one completes for a month. Take this torrent for example. You put it on. I liked the look of it but because of your track record, I thought it would take a month or more. So I did not try to download. I just watched. Then nearly TWO MONTHS after you put it on, 7 people completed. So I started to download it. That was over TEN DAYS ago. And for all that time, it showed I'd downloaded just 0.2%. Today, it has gone up to 85%, but the number of completions is still just 7. I do not understand why there is such a massive difference between you and all the hundreds of other uploaders. But take Truth Hunter S01 [large filesize]. You put that on 5 days ago. People completed in roughly just a day. That is a smaller folder than this one. But why the difference in how long it takes? Why can't you put all your uploads on like Truth Hunter? One at a time, where people can complete the same day. That has 31 seeds, 0 peers, and 97 completed. So nearly a third of people who completed are still seeding. That's a good way to upload. I do not see why after more than 2 months, only 7 people have completed this current torrent.