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ConCen's donors come through!

Since my expenses now exceed my income, I cannot continue to pay the $48 monthly hosting fees.

A list of our donors with a link to their profile pages can be found on the donor page. On behalf of the users of ConCen, I thank them. I encourage you to thank them as well by sending them a message.


Maybe we (CC fans) could find a way to host this site with zero cost. I am in position to offer some on-line resources that could be, at least, a backup place. What i will not able to offer is money as i do not own a credit card (=no PayPal, etc...). So i was just wondering if this community has the means to end the perpetual need of this Babylonian Money Magic system of enslavement (money) to keep running...

Bandwidth is actually pretty high, so piggybacking on home broadband is insufficient. Anything cheaper would slow the site down or make it more vulnerable to sabotage. It's not a lot of money anyway if the costs are shared, no?

I was not thinking about a home T1 kind of access but something like 200Gbps symmetric. Anyhow, if i could offer donations by other means that do not involve credit cards i most sorely would help to keep up CC.

200Gbps is insanely fat. Are you sure that's right? Who gives away 200Gbps pipes for free?

What kind of storage? CPU? How many cores?

And order of magnitude. In fact it is 200Mbps but it can grow if demanded.

It is in an public University here in Brazil. I do admin in a couple of servers there.

If it is the case of just host .torrent files i believe that this would not be a problem and it is not a "warez" case. Right ?

Anyhow, i love CC as it is and will not survive is it get down... as how was with so many other sites in the past as the beloved Nova, MiniNova, etc...

...but I in no way can recommend you use your employer's property for any personal activities. I don't know about Brazil, but in Canada doing something like that would be grounds for instant dismissal, blackballing, and possible criminal charges. Definitely not worth it!

BTW, don't assume that because you are the admin of a server that nobody is watching what you're doing. There are policies (and in Canada, laws) that obligate monitoring of computer resources, so be careful.

gave me a partial erection! :P
edit : ah.. 200 mbps... that makes it only a genital twinge! :P

From my desperate thought about the possibility of CC going under i wrote that about offering space here where a do admin.
Correct, though, the conclusion that someone will see the traffic increase and the kind of connection...
Anyhow i personally feel that i need to do something to help.
I never deal with cryptocurrencies before, but if needed be to help CC i will start to buy this (also money shit) to fund CC existence.