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4 Corners: The Paradise Papers (2017)

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The leak of 1.4 terabytes of data,13.4 million records in 67 countries with links to Queen Elizabeth, U.S. President Donald Trump , Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a who's who around the world.Four Corners will take you inside the secretive world of tax havens where corporations and the wealthy operate far from public view. In an investigation that spans the globe, Four Corners will reveal the lengths some of the world's most powerful business figures and global corporations are going to, to avoid paying tax." In the tax world, the line between law and illegality is always fuzzy." as tax authorities in Australia and across the globe try to claw back money from the big multinationals, reporter Marian Wilkinson will show how a web of offshore operators help organise elaborate international tax avoidance schemes.


According Nigel Farage this study was sponsored by the Open Society of George Soros

Arrest George Soros! Nigel Farage ORDERS the EU Parliament

David Icke on George Soros at a Bus Stop in Gyor, Hungary

Soon no-one will have even the money to step on a bus.. Thanks George
for fixing this capitalist problem.

This guy will sell his wife and your mother on the slave market
when he is missing that amount of money for his latest hedge bet.

Was looking fwd to a more unbiased in depth report. Few parties named.
Obligatory Trump bashing. Wonder how Justin Trudeau will like one of his mentors George Soros
exposing Bronfman, one of his main funders.
Probably a mistake. Justin too busy with the feminists and the gay parades to notice.
But thanks for the upload.