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Electric Universe - Monatomic Gold - Free Energy [pack]

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Electric Universe - Monatomic Gold - Free Energy [pack] Advanced Antigravity Technology is Being Used in Top Secret Projects Today This will will show the antigravity drives we are not supposed to know about, and will explain how these “cream of the crop” of devices work, compare their mode of operation with known physics, and surmise which laws of physics are probably on shaky ground. Since the devices violate known laws of physics, we could build them, but would not know why they work. Lastly, the video will describe devices for which we have great information on how they work, do not violate any laws of physics, and could be engineered in the public sphere by merely using conventional engineering effort. Looking at the budget and effort required to bring devices like this out of the literature and into interstellar space to make us space faring and into the power grid to make us energy independent. Free Energy Devices, Zero Point Energy, and Water as HHO Fuel Many people have produced devices and ideas for tapping this energy. The energy is often called "Zero-Point Energy" because it is the energy which would remain if a system has it's temperature lowered to absolute zero, many of these inventions have been hidden from the public. This presentation is introductory information on what has already been achieved in this field: devices which output more power than they require to run. This looks as if they contradict the Law of Conservation of Energy, but they don't, and you can see this when you take the zero-point energy field into account. If you think today's technology is where it is all at, just think where we could be if any of this suppressed technologies were to see the light of day. We could have a civilization where anything is possible but sadly we are kept in the dark age of shortage and enslavement to the money and energy cartels. Monoatomic Gold is the Greatest Discovery of All Time Monatomic Gold or white powder gold is a truly exotic substance. Highly-valued by ancient cultures for its "mystical properties" and "magical powers", it is now re-emerging in modern times, seemingly, just as mankind needs it. Monatomic gold has been used throughout history to heal, encourage spiritual growth and enlightenment and possibly even manipulate gravity, space and time. Monatomic Gold is a mystical substance from the past that we are rediscovering in this current time of spiritual transformation. Monoatomic gold is the greatest discovery of all time. There are many mysterious and magical things that have been recorded in history. The Biblical manna, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Fountain of Youth, Orgone energy, prana, chi, the Holy Grail, the Great Pyramid and the Ark of the Covenant are a few of these things. It looks like these things and more might be related to a new class of materials that have been identified and described in the last few decades. videos Advanced Antigravity Technology is Being Used in Top Secret Projects Today.mp4 Ancient Forbidden Knowledge Secrets of White Powder Gold.mp4 Monoatomic Gold is the Greatest Discovery of All Time.mp4 New Nassim Haramein & Jamie Janover The Geometry of Quantum Gravity.mp4 New Nassim Haramein Revolution In The World Of Physics.mp4 Proof of the Electric Universe Theory is Everywhere.mp4 Proof The US Govt Is Using Technology 50 Years Ahead of What We See.mp4 Scientist Claims Life Did Not start on Earth but in Space.mp4 The Expanding Earth, Why is Our Planet Getting Bigger.mp4 The Super Advanced Antigravity Technology, Being Hidden at Area 51.mp4 Unified Field Theory, How the Universe Works.mp4 ebooks 1 American Antigravity Archive by Tim Ventura, 2012.pdf Nick Cook - The Hunt for Zero Point.pdf Swartz - Secret Black Projects of the New World Order.pdf The Cosmic Pulse of Life by Trevor James Constable.pdf The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems, 1991.pdf ebooks 2 Poor Man's Free Energy Cookbook.pdf Some Free Energy Devices - Borderland Sciences.pdf Stanley MEYER Resonant Electrolysis Cell System.pdf The Body Electric - Dr Becker.pdf The Encyclopedia of Free Energy.pdf Walter Russell - The Secret of Light.pdf docs Ormus - Monatomic Gold tags: monatomic gold, electric universe, free energy, antigravity, uft, expanding earth
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