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Thinking of Taking on a Sponsor...

Radiant Farms believe that ConCen is a great site to reach their target demographic. I agree. Should I take them on?


I am pleased of my ogre meat already... Now will have face this kind of decision !!!


Yeah, I'm pretty sure that we are the target.

The Illuminati will turn us all into soilent green pretty soon, I guess.

You didn't really believe that those Fema camps would feed us useless eaters forever.

But let us not have such lurid thoughts, or else we might end up manifesting them.

Let us use the tool of a positive mental attitude to manifest a more positive timeline.

Surely there isn't much purity and innocence left on this planet, and that's why the unicorns have died out.

Thank GOD I'm watching my own torrents, where Al Bielek has just confirmed that over two million children go missing in the US every year.

Only one million will be found, the other million remains missing.

In a German video I've just watched, a very wise guy is confirming this, and he says: These children are used as food! And he isn't laughing.

This has been confirmed by Alex Collier as well.

But the population doesn't seem to care.

And children are a symbol of innocence too, just like the unicorns are.

The elites are only too keen on destroying such symbols of GOD's purity.

They hate what is pure and innocent, because it reminds them of what they have lost.

And then they hope that they can rejuvenate themselves by absorbing such untainted energies.

When there is no purity and innocence, neither children nor unicorns will survive.

Trying to attain spiritual perfection, while at the same time being full of arrogance and cruelty, just doesn't fit together well.

The illumination of a soul isn't merely based on light, but on essence as well.

A pure soul is a soul of innocence, and such a soul will manifest innocence, such a soul will bring forth innocent thought and behavior, just by itself without any effort.

Scheming and plotting isn't the way of an innocent soul.

By their deeds they shall be known.

Me thinks it is a MIFive plot no sponsorship... lol

"But let us not have such lurid thoughts, or else we might end up manifesting them."
"Let us use the tool of a positive mental attitude to manifest a more positive timeline."

Mon, 07/31/2017 - 19:31 — ryba77

Let's manifesting them. Enough with positive mental attitude. :(

Never heard of unicorns exits? how they make meat of not existing unicorns? :P :P :P
Not interested in horse meat.

Unicorns are kind, gentle and intelligent critters, and endangered as well.

I will vigourously oppose any initiatives to take on a sponsor for this and/or any other products that harm animals of any sort in their making.

-concerned vegan

when you eat it! Unicorn meat is delicious.. also there is an underground market in bottled unicorn farts.

Hello. I'm GhostGum. New here, saying hi.

I'd buy 2 cans, one for novelty and one to taste/investigate.
Also; someone once told me a Rhinoceros is just an overweight Unicorn... :?

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