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A Blueprint for a Better World by Brian Desborough

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One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that there is something seriously wrong with our present civilization. The global economy is rapidly collapsing, the world is beset with terrorism, war, famine, drought and virulent diseases. Pollution abounds and global desertification increases at the alarming rate of 20,000 square miles annually.
These seemingly unrelated events are, in actuality, the result of a master plan for transferring the wealth of the global populace into the hands of thirteen interrelated family bloodlines, who have covertly been the overlords of humanity since prior to the dawn of recorded history.
In this explosive and compelling book, author Brian Desborough presents the evidence which demonstrates that the 9/11 disaster was orchestrated by this evil cabal, in order to accelerate the collapse of the global economy. The book is not doom and gloom however. Drawing from many fields of research, this startling book presents the suppressed technologically advanced methodology for providing the Global Village with the abundant pure water and pollution-free energy necessary for transforming planet Earth into a veritable paradise, and freeing us from the bonds of the present fossil fuel based economy.
Information in this book demonstrates that planet Earth is a living entity, and that the science of Galileo, Newton and Einstein was seriously flawed.
Born in the county of Dorset, in southern England, Brian Desborough has served as a Director of Research and Technology for several American companies, and has provided consultation to a company involved in deep space research. He is the author of the book "They Cast no Shadows," a collection of his essays on the Illuminati, revisionist history and suppressed technologies.