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ConCen lives!!

The saying "It's always darkest before the dawn" never made a lot of sense anyway, but in this case, it is grossly inadequate. The entirety of the crisis was pitch black, as the voices of thousands of disappointed souls nagged my panicked subconscious mind. When the sheer magnitude of this apocalypse became apparent, I moaned and sobbed in a cold sweat as I alternated between blindingly pounding my keyboard in futility, and shaking my fists at the heavens, cursing the very existence of the universe.

Attempting to preserve the last sliver of my sanity, I ate a delicious sandwich made from the tenderest unicorn meat. Then, as the world raged and burned around me, I changed into my bunny onesie and took a nice long nap. When I woke up, everything was back to butterflies and rainbows. See kids, submitting to Satan does work!


LOL! Wow, good work, ConCen. So glad to see it back up and running again. I was worried for a while that the FBI shut it down or something...

Thanks for your patience and tenacity

Much Health to YOU ALL and every loved ones!

i still cannot access the web site without using a proxy...location europe

They're still pointing to a temporary IP address. They should not by now because it's been over 24 hours since it was changed back to the regular IP.

thx for the info

Chtulhu f'thagn R'lyeh. Pardon my French.