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can we predict future? (psychic powers and linear time)
05-17-2011, 11:59 AM
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Rainbow can we predict future? (psychic powers and linear time)
can we predict future? (psychic powers and linear time)

posted by Jordan | April 25, 2011

Last night i was half asleep and i heard "IM" twice as if someone were pushing the word into my head on the third IM it comes from Jennifer's mouth very loudly. Now it's possible she said it under her breath, or that she never said it at all - but it felt as if I'd "predicted" the event. I don't think this was psychic power or reading her mind - that would be a linear idea of time and egoic (dualistic) interpretation of what is actually happening.

perhaps instead - in half sleep- we move beyond time and ego - thus we can access insight that time is an illusion - or as physicists suggest - all things are happening simultaneously, we only think it is linear. It's already happened. Everything has already happened and paradoxically it is all happening - past, present and future - is all happening now.

This insight may have come from beginning a 7 month Kundalini cultivation. It starts with 3rd eye - seat of psychic power - but the purpose is not to get ESP. The purpose is to give you objectivity and equanimity as you purify each chakra. The purpose is to understand reality. Thus the explanation above should make no sense to the rational mind as the universe is infinite and beyond mind.

Thus, if this sounds crazy - you're on the right track!

Of course it's also possible I imagined this whole thing :-)

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