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HAARP mind and weather control
07-21-2009, 04:21 PM
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HAARP mind and weather control
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP Project, which began in 1993 is termed as a investigative projective to comprehend, simulate, and control ionospheric processes that may alter the performance of communication and surveillance systems. This project is purported to last for a period of twenty years. The projects headquarters is located near Gakona, Alaska and it funded jointly by the US Air Force, NAVY, and the University of Alaska. Reports have claimed that the project is similar to numerous ionospheric heaters existing around the world. Many have already expressed fears of the possibility of the HAARP Project being used as a global weapon of mass destruction and is believed to be the base of Chemtrail activity, scientists involved in aeronomy, space science, and plasma physics cancel out these fears as unfounded.

The HAARP Project is a grid of 48-72 ft tall antennas. The land upon which these structures lie are owned by the Department of Defense which is located roughly 260 miles Northeast of Anchorage Alaska. To enter the HAARP Project facility you’ll have to travel along mile marker 11.3 from Route 1’s junction with Route 4. Ionosphere heaters simply use radio waves to heat a portion of the ionosphere which surrounds the earth, many already exist, but this is the largest ever. The government explains Ionospheric heaters simply as a small scale stimulation of natural solar heating of our atmosphere. The antenna array is under control by the U.S. Laboratory located at Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, (ONR & NRL) National Research Laboratory, Office Of Navel Research. Haarp covers 58 acres, of which 22 were wetlands. Wetland of course is useless for building so the government filled this area in with gravel in order to create a level ground for the project. Of course it only makes sense to spend millions in tax payers dollars to build something on unsable ground.

The High Frequency signal in the ionosphere has an intensity rating of less than 3 microwatts per cm2, tens of thousands of times less than the Sun's natural electromagnetic radiation reaching the earth and hundreds of times less than even the normal random variations in intensity of the Sun's natural ultraviolet (UV) energy which creates the ionosphere. These small effects that are produced, however, can be observed with the sensitive scientific instruments at the HAARP location and these observations can provide new information about the dynamics of plasmas and new insight into the processes of solar-terrestrial interactions.

The HAARP Project mission objective has remained the topic of much controversy since early 1990, with claims of weapon usage with the massive construction and quantity of antennas present at the facility. A minority team of physicists from America posted complaints in scientific journals including Physics and Society, claiming that HAARP was seeking to eliminate outside countries’ spacecraft from the sky and disrupt communications over the planet. Physicist critics of HAARP charged little complaints about the facilities current stage of development, thought they have expressed fears of future weapon capabilities. HAARP has subsequently become a target for those who suggest that it may be used to test the ability to deliver very large amount of energy, comparable to a nuclear destruction, anywhere on earth, changing weather patterns, blocking global communications, disrupting human mental processes and mind control, communicating with submarines, and x-raying the earth.

In addition to these possible weapons applications there’s a third application of this particular use of the HAARP. system. When you increase it’s power level even higher, you can create what are called bit errors in the computers, the on board avionic computers, controlling the flight of incoming objects. So you cause the computers to fail and the objects to crash. At even higher levels of energy you can create another effect where actually electronic components melt causing the missiles to disable and crash. These are just some of the applications based on the patents. The possible uses of a construction of this magnitude are awe-ful and extremely controversial.

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07-21-2009, 04:38 PM (This post was last modified: 07-21-2009 04:39 PM by ---.)
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HAARP mind and weather control
the site linked toin your sig is bobbins exploitation for gullible new agers.#;#entry172712
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07-21-2009, 09:13 PM
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HAARP mind and weather control
Welcome to the site.

If you want in depth information instead of this cliff notes version, check this out:

“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after
equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ” -Nikola Tesla

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11-23-2010, 11:44 PM
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RE: HAARP mind and weather control
I hardly think HAARP has the technology correct.
The coil antennas are for circular polarized signals.
The proper Tesla operation should lead to results but
not knowing the circuits we can't know if there will
be a switchover.
The so call Tesla connection were his statements that
he could light up the sky at night for ships at sea to
navigate safely.
The agitation mode of Tesla electrostatic waves would
heat up and illuminate atmospheric gases in his lab but
perhaps never knew to the mono atomic hydrogen 1000
times ether heating effect possible in the upper atmosphere.
Thus light the sky but perhaps explode it as well.

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09-17-2011, 10:24 PM
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RE: HAARP mind and weather control
[Image: AFDB.jpg]
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