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Electric Vehicles, The Smart Grid and the Crony Subsidy Windfall to Force EV Adoption
10-15-2010, 02:35 AM
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Information Electric Vehicles, The Smart Grid and the Crony Subsidy Windfall to Force EV Adoption
Just read a great article posted last year that forcasted what is taking place today by Jack on the Smart Grid.

Here's what they are doing in terms of EV Subsidy for infrastructure and the likes in America:

Quote:Electric Vehicles Infrastructure Council
December 9, 2009

Governor Rell’s Executive Order No. 34

Focus of WorkGroup

The Council Shall:

a. Strategize on preparing the State for the rapid and seamless integration of EVs into the market:
b. Coordinate intragency decision-making on critical issues:
c. Establish performance measures for meeting infrastructure funding, environmental and regulatory goals, and
d. Align State goals with what is occurring on the national level for EVs.

Key Issues to Address

* Customer and Stakeholder Education;
* Options for development of metering and charging infrastructure including, placement
opportunities to prepare the State for the arrival of EVs;
* Home charging installation process and streamlining permitting requirements and
contractor installation of residential EV charging equipment;
* Rate Design options and metering;
* Interplay of CO2 reduction programs affecting utility and transportation sectors;
* EV incentives to encourage CT consumers to buy and operate EVs including tax cuts, financing and grants;
* Process to move forward, series of monthly meetings and working groups.

and the UK Model:

Quote:The Round Table

The lively debate was followed by a roundtable discussion hosted by Robert Goodwill, MP, Shadow Minister for Roads, on the topic of Infrastructure for EV's. Participants included representatives from vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, infrastructure builders and the utility sector who, along with Frost & Sullivan helped provide a full perspective of EV infrastructure requirements and issues. After hearing the cases from the table and following the spirited discussion, Robert Goodwill concluded that significant developments in EV infrastructure is clearly necessary and the UK government is in favour of EV's. However, it was understood by all that it is not the role of the government to pick and choose a technology, but rather set out norms and regulations to allow the industry to come up with the best solution.

The Cocktail

The activities on the 10th June were rounded off by a VIP cocktail dinner hosted by Lord Palmer, Vice Chair of the Renewable Transport Fuels Group where the group lobbied to change the perception and bring the salient issues around EV's to the awareness of MPs and peers.

Day long Presentations and Networking

The second day of the EV Workshop was comprised of a series of presentations from a cross section of the electric vehicle industry with representation from vehicle manufacturers, battery and electrification businesses, the utility industry, infrastructure builders and the government.

Sarwant Singh, Partner and Practice Director at Frost & Sullivan demonstrated how urbanisation is creating the demand (??) for EV's and supporting this with crisp vehicle forecasts. He educated the audience with the challenges ahead of EV's, world-wide developments, roadmaps and emphasised the role of new business models before appealing the government to support electric vehicles.

Kulveer Ranger, Director of Transport Policy from the Mayor of London's office promised to lead the world's EV fleet. His inspirational speech detailed the efforts taken by the Mayor of London in turning the City of London into a Mecca for EV's. He ascertained that the UK government is talking to many vehicle manufacturers, working on huge incentives for the industry and consumers alike with a plan to set-up the charging network to support the fleet.

In the end a Single Industry Lobby Group made a nice chart and told the democratic government here are your options .. pick one: (Full Article)

Meetings, VIP Cocktails and a Trade Show + handshakes. It's not financially feasible. But don't fear that can be corrected! Solution -- subsidy, subsidy and more subsidy to support EV and infrastructure, R&D and discounts for select crony corporations with your tax dollars.

Great insight by JazzRoc from a good debate on the Electric Car

Quote:Electric cars obtain their energy from electrical power stations. The BURN takes place there. There is NO GAIN by using electric vehicles, because of the efficiency losses of both the station and its transmission lines.

Internal combustion engines are capable of development yet. Their power to weight ratio can be five times greater and their fuel efficiency doubled.

Canals and rail are underutilized in western society. Common sense demands a return to both.

and another by Hans Olo

Quote:Quote:Using the current standard of making electricity is worse than gas, not that gas is good but replacing one posion for another will not be any better.

I disagree. This is really two questions got mixed up in this. Should we replace the coal based electricity with something better, sustainable, cleaner? Yes we should. No argument there.

The second question is, should we replace our legacy of oil / gas - based combustion engines with modern, clean, silent electric cars? My answer is YES we should, this would benefit the environment greatly. Is that the only thing we should do? NO, we should still replace the basis for that energy with something better.

You, my friend, and I believe, unwillingly so, are reciting propaganda of the fake environmentalist groups and now the Obama campaign. They have two things in stock for you:

1. They want to ruin the coal industry and that way crash the food market (because it's an energy dependent market). That's exactly what Obama said, he wants to tax CO2 so higly, that coal companies go bankrupt. Go look it up.

2. They want to keep the world hooked on oil / gasoline stranglehold. They (the British / Arab oil industry) have a monopoly on running cars, and the electric car would kill this monopoly. With an electric car, you are free to choose where your energy comes from. You want to pay your neighbour to power your car with his solar panels? Done. You want to make a deal with that company that makes energy from bio-mass? No problem.

What I'm saying is, do you realize that the only way to sustain the status quo is WAR with oil producing countries, and by promoting fuel engines over electric cars you help justify the myth that the oil monopoly depends on?

Just stop and think for a minute.

Damn .. the whole thread (c. 2008) is great... just read it:

The Electric Car

One more .. for now. This is from softball questions from

Quote:Q: Can you explain transformer loading and how this could be a problem?

A: The concern is if there’s a cluster of electric vehicles with fast chargers behind a single transformer that it could draw too much juice. But where that clustering is going to occur initially, the utilities are well aware of that and they’re looking at how to get ahead of the issue.

Mike Rowand [Director of Advanced Customer Technology] from Duke Energy said they did a study, and if every one of their [4 million] customers bought a Chevy Volt tomorrow, it would increase the grid requirement only 10 percent. They don’t think it will be an issue.;col1

They don’t think it will be an issue. There are 64 Million Registered vehicles in the US. To supply all of them with 'green' electric energy so that's +%160 of CAPACITY (not generation).. They don’t think it will be an issue. -- nice way to distance yourself Mike so you can blame it on the kids.

.. but I suppose that's where the biofuel crony subsidy scam kicks in.

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